Thursday, October 25, 2012

Candy Corn Shelf Sitter

Inspired by Halloween and my love for tiny knick knacks, I decided to make a Candy Corn Shelf Sitter.  He's quite a cue little fellow you can sit on the edge of your book shelf or mantle.

Items Used:
Craft Paint
Floral wire
Round Nose Pliers
Googly Eyes

To start this project you first need to decide how big you want your Shelf Sitter to be.  Using Creative Paperclay make a rounded triangle shape that looks kind of like a piece of candy corn.
 Next cut two pieces of floral wire to the same length and wrap one end using a pair of round nose pliers.

 Stick them through the bottom of your triangle piece, these will hold your your legs.  Set this piece aside to dry.
Next roll out two small snakes and cut them to the same length. Cut them into at least for sections and round them out a bit with your fingers.  Use the same technique above for your wire.  Thread your pieces onto each wire and use your pliers to wrap the second end.  Be careful not to squish your pieces.

 Make two little feet and string them on two smaller pieces of wire.  Make sure to round your ends.

This is what your three pieces will look like when you are finished.  Set them aside to dry overnight.

Using craft paint, paint your shelf sitter to look like a piece of candy corn.  Add googly eyes and a smile.

 Attach all of your pieces with jump rings.  Viola!! Here is your completed shelf sitter.


Brenda Burfeind said...

This is so cute. Great job.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Darling and fun...just like Halloween should be!

Terri Sproul said...

OMG, just too cute..

Jess B. said...

too stinkin cute