Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cracked Bead making

Hi all
Here is a tutorial on how I made my beads for my bracelet....

You will need:
  • Creative Paperclay®
  • Acrylic Paint
  • One step Crackle
  • several bamboo skewers
  • nail file or sandpaper
  • Dark brown or black reinker or watery acrylic paint
  • Pearlex varnish
  • dry old rag
  • Thin elastic
  • Small beads
  • brush
  • water to clean brush
Step 1
form your beads out of Creative Paperclay®

Step 2
poke the bamboo skewers into the center of each bead to make the whole

Step 3
Once all bead are dry sand them with a nail file or similar to sand off any unwanted bumps...

Step 4
paint your beads your desired colour... (since turquoise is so "in" at the moment here in NZ I went with that...) - I used Jacquard Lumiere paints Turquoise and pearl white mixed to make a light Turquoise colour.

Step 5
Once the paint is dry paint the beads again with One Step Crackle and wait for that to dry...

Step 6
the cracks appear when the One step crackle is dry... now to enhance the cracks you will need a watery dark colour... I used Stampin Up! reinker - early espresso with a little water.

Paint on and before the ink is dry dab it off with a dry cloth/rag. It will stay in the cracks and leave your colour too.

Step 7
to finish your bead off and set it nicely paint with Pearlex varnish - let it dry.

string it up with the smaller beads in the middle of each paperclay bead and you are done!

Hope you too can all make a bracelet or necklace with awesome paperclay cracked beads.

thank you all for dropping by!
Debbie Buckland

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Lyneen said...

Debra your beads are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!