Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meet our new Design Team

Terri Sproul - Team Leader

Terri Sproul is the force behind a fun paint called “Terri Sproul Mixers” from Sakura Hobby Craft and  of a DVD called "MasquePen Magic" to see more of her video check out her Youtube Channel at and a Tuesday Night Live stream.
She is a diverse and experienced designer, design team leader  and instructor for multiple companies in the paper craft world including “ Robin Nest” “Creative Paperclay®”, “Sakura Hobby Craft” and Arnold Grummer!” to name a few.  Terri and her husband Marc have the pleasure of living in San Diego County On top Of Palomar Mountain. She has received a Bachelor of Scrapbooking Arts from Creating Keepsakes and Bachelor of Scrapbooking Education from EK Success. Terri’s passion is teaching fellow Scrapbooker’s and Stamper’s new techniques and to think ‘out of the box’ and ‘off the Page.’  Visit her website and blog to see all the exciting stuff she does at – link to blog is also there.  

Rachele Whetzel
I am a stay at home mom... who also works in the local schools as a sub for the Instructional Assistants and creates art at home for sale. I also dabble in photography, and webmastering. My profile information pretty much sums me up. Thrift junkie. Free Spirit. Believer. Artist. Photographer. Mom to boys. Rust Lover. Worm Farmer. Blogger. Creative Soul. Rule Bender. Spider Saver. Coffee Drinker. Cream Lover. Chook Farmer. Goat Milker. Sailor Mouth. Music Listener. Phone Talker. Garden Grower. Beek. Mess Maker. Risk Taker. Chewy Mom. Gritty Gramma. Good Intender. 

Hi, I am Jessica Baker  a/k/a Jess B.  I am a mother of 3, a wife and die hard crafter living in the Midwest.  My styles have evolved throughout the years from flat to mixed media to 3D Altered designs.  I love getting my hands dirty; touching all kinds of paints and textures.   Steampunk has bolted a gear into my heart.  I dream, daydream, and vision many designs that I will create.  Most times I am working on three projects at one sitting.  I wish I could say that I have an organized craft room but I would be lying. I love challenges and discovering new materials.  I am honored and privileged to be a part of the Creative Paperclay™ design team.  This product is PHENOMENAL and so user friendly.  Take this journey and think outside the box and become a fan of Creative Paperclay ™products too.
Hi! My name is Annie Bella. I am a stay at home wife and mother. I have been making art and crafting as long as I can remember. I am a Mixed Media / Recycled Crafts artist. I enjoy working in various mediums with various techniques. My favorite mediums include watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil, collage, clay, and book making. I am also an avid Blogger and Art Journaler. I would consider my style to be unique. I love to find new and unusual ways to bring beauty into the world. I am frugal and try to find new ways to use old things. I am also a member of the Creative Paperclay, Arnold Grummer's Papermaking and Things Crafty Design Teams.

I have a Blog and Facebook page called Corner of the Bedroom Studios where I showcase my art. The blog can be found here and the Facebook Page can be found here . I also have a Flickr page where I also showcase my work which can be found here . I have a YouTube Channel where I will be doing videos showing different ways to use the product. I am also a member of various creative Facebook groups including “All Things Creative”.  

Dawn Mercedes Barrett
Hey...Do you know what time it is?  It's time to get artsy fartsy...along with the other designers for Creative Paperclay Products. I'm ready to take crafting to another dimension...the third dimension!  After years of paper crafting, I am eager to break out of flat...and start to design and create using this three dimensional products.  I loved using clay in college and I'm so ready to roll up my sleeves and get some dirt under my fingernails.  Oh, how I love the process of making something!  Come follow me on my blog: "Sunnyside Up" and you just might be amused!
Brenda Burfrind
I have been scrapbooking and card making for about 16 years.  I am a wife to my best friend, mother of 3 (1 daughter and 2 sons) and Oma (Grandma) to 3 (2 granddaughters and 1 grandson).   I am very interested in many different mediums. My crafts exist of scrapbooking, card making, wedding favors, centerpieces, floral arranging, vinyl homedecor and jewelry making. I dabble in a few more crafty things, but too many to name.  I am addicted to using my Cricut and cuddlebug, although sometimes it seems I am playing more than creating.

Laura Quaglia
 Have been doing crafts all my life.Even as a small girl I made doll clother.
I started painting 20 some years ago. After a couple years started teaching I love doing it .Sold at craft and art shows around the state of North Dakota ,I worked in flower s
hops did decorating for homes and businesses at Christmas season,Had a trash to treasure store.Still doing commissions of painting and doing crafts
I did some designing for magazines a few years ago. Like being with family doing craft and going antique shopping

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Congrats to all the designers on the new team... I hope you enjoy Creative Paperclay® as much as I have!