Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lyneen's Last Quick Tip

This is my last post as a member of the Creative Paperclay® Design Team. I have had a great time sharing my ideas with you this past year. 

For my final not so quick tip I thought I would share some of the projects I have done over this last year.  When viewing them I noticed they all had one thing in common, all of them are finished with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer, most have Terry Sproul Mixers. 

What I have found is Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer is a one step finish on Creative Paperclay®.  When I used the lacquer mixed with the mixers I only had to paint my projects one time and had a sealed coating on the Creative Paperclay®
This mask was for my Creative Paperclay® Design Team application in April of 2012, it was never posted on the Creative Paperclay® blog. Made by molding Creative Paperclay over an inexpensive mask. The flower is a paper napkin adhered with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer. The rest of the mask is painted with Sakura Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers: Red Garnet and Citrine mixed (making a beautiful tangerine color.)  See more about the Mask HERE on my blog!
For this altered tin I molded a Frozen Charlotte with Creative Paperclay® from an Articus mold. She was painted with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers - Citrine. Original post is HERE!
My Creative Paperclay® wall pocket was inspired by vintage Victorian wall pockets. The pocket was painted with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers - Bronze. It has a very vintage look, see the original post HERE.

The Creative Paperclay® Fascinator is one of the only projects  that I painted with craft paint (black) and came back and sealed it with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer. Original post HERE!
The Creative Paperclay® crown fit for a princess was painted with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers - Gold. One of the only projects I gave a second coat of the Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer/Mixers.  I was after a "rich golden color." Original post HERE!
This inexpensive bird house was altered with Creative Paperclay® peices. The Creative Paperclay® pieces were painted with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers:large leaves -  Pearl Green, tiny flowers - Citrine Pearl, large flowers - Rose Pearl, small leaves - Tanzanite Pearl mixed with Shimmer Citrine and birds Aquamarine Pearl. Original post HERE!

The Fall Tree was created for the Creative Paperclay® and Amazing Mold Putty Blog Hop, which was never posted on the Creative Paperclay® blog. The leaves are molded out of Creative Paperclay® and painted with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and Terry Sproul Mixers - Citrine Pearl, Rose Pearl and Shimmer Garnet. I love how the colors mixed when I painted the leaves. Original post HERE!

You can bet I will be using Creative Paperclay® in many of my future projects and will be sharing them on my blog, Dreaming of Castles.  


Robin Horasanian said...

I like all of you projects here, but that little birdhouse just knocks my socks off! Thanks for sharing.

Tanya Knight Ruffin said...

I love them all. Being in Louisiana i live the mask ( Mardi gras and all). Now i need some paperclay!