Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Boney Coffin using Creative PaperClay® by LuLu Lancaster

Spooky Boney Coffin ;)
I am adding pieces to my Pumpkin patch this year!
I bought a couple craft store coffins and decided to give them  little mixed up boney friend ;)
This project is super easy and with a  little bit of parental supervision even the kids can join in.

You will need:
a craft store 4" wood coffin.
Creative PaperClay®
an xacto knife (parental supervision)
paint brushes 
acrylic paints I used black and white craft paints
and tacky glue
floral moss

start by making the bones 
roll a log of clay and cut into lengths 
2 short for arm bones and 2 long for leg bones. 
create an elongated ball for the skull.

using the end of your paint brush create the eyes nostrils and teeth for your skull
create the indentations in the ends of the arm and leg bones. 

create feet and hands by making elongated forms for feet, and pancake forms for the hands. 
Using the xacto knife cut toes and fingers.

You can create a tiny ribcage as well by making small "snakes" of clay and forming them into 2 figure 8s. Place them side by side "squishing" the center with your paintbrush end to secure the 2 pieces.

While your bones are drying paint the inside and outside of your coffin with acrylic paint.

you can glue an extra skull or bone on the lid off your coffin...spooky

after your coffin has dried using tacky glue secure moss inside.

using tacky glue secure your bones in the moss. 
Placing the bones in a mixed up skeleton pose :)
Place any extra bones on the opposite side with a bit of tacky glue.
Now you have a spooky Boney Coffin to add to your pumpkin patch :D
Thank you for following along I hope you have enjoyed this project!

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