Saturday, September 27, 2014

Let's fix that crack!

Hi, it's Donna here from Memes Art Place.

I am up this week. I hope you are ready for fall! It is here and with that, it brings more crafting time! I know that summertime we all are having picnics and family time. Now that fall is here we start thinking of Halloween and Thanksgiving and then, dare I say Christmas? UGH!

Well good thing we are not doing Christmas today!

Today I just want to remind you that cracks do happen! When they do it is important to have slip made and ready to be used! Look at those cracks I have. It is okay, we can fix this.

 My slip is already made and is stored in this little plastic tub. I have just added some harder pieces of Creative Paperclay® to this container. I just add a little more water and mix it up. I do this when a piece of the Creative Paperclay® gets left out a little to long, I just plop it into the slip container and add a bit more water. Now none goes to waste!
 Here is where I have done the repair on my cracks. I used a paint brush to apply some water to the area where the cracks needed to be repaired and then just added slip into the cracks. Once this was done. I smoothed it out a bit with a larger brush.
Smoothed out a bit more. That is it! Just make sure you have plenty of water and slip and you will be able to fix all the cracks you have!
 I put this together at the same time, but it did not crack at all!
 Nor did these!
Can you guess what Holiday I am working on?

Halloween! It is a favorite!

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I have given you a sneak peek of my project, can you guess what it is? It is the one with all the cracks in it! It is turning out so will have to Hop with us to find out what it is!
Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you will join us again soon!