Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Creative Paperclay Tips by Lynda -

When I first started using Creative Paperclay, it was for making my own embellishments for scrapbooking and card making.  It has only been recently I started doing larger projects because I am getting "out of my comfort zone" and creating bigger things, like my boxes I finished recently!  Since working with the Creative Paperclay, I've learned a few things that will help any beginner out:  
  • Have a container that can go with you (see example above) - putting all your molds, small tools, a few baggies, and a bit of leftover clay in it. This way, if you can go and mold things while watching TV with your spouse - you are still getting things done while relaxing!       
  • Watch for acrylic paint to go on sale, or pick up a few colors at a time when you have a bit of extra money.  A bit of white paint goes a long way...and you can add it to colors to lighten up the color you are working with if you happen to have a darker color.  
  • Let water be your best friend!  As your pieces start to dry, you might have a bit of cracking in your Creative Paperclay.  Simply use a bit of water and your finger to smooth it out, and your creation will be perfect!  
  • Don't be afraid to play a bit with your creations!  I use mold's a lot, but that's just me!  Work with a small bit at a time, instead of the whole package - which will help to stretch it out and be easier to work with.   
  • Purchase a container of baby wipes, add a few in a baggie if you are going to take your container with you.  This way you won't have to worry about finding a sink to wash your hands if you happen to get them a bit messy!  
  • Check out the blog often for inspiration!  There have been a ton of great idea's from the design team!  Plus we are planning a GREAT Halloween blog hop for October!!! 
  • Before you end up spending a bunch of money on cutters, look at your cookie cutters, or other type of cutters to cut shapes out.  If you do have to spend money, make sure you look at the Thrift stores for anything you might be able to find there!     
With the various holiday's coming up, you are sure to get a ton of different ideas from here, Pinterest, or web sites!  Make a list of what you need to buy, and start to look at what you have at home too, before spending a bunch of money!  This stuff can truly be addicting when you have kids, or you use your scrapbook templates to create fun magnets or embellishments for your albums or cards!  More importantly, have fun in creating fun projects with your family! Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team