Saturday, September 13, 2014

Creative Papercaly® Elephants WIP-DONE!

Hi Everyone!
It's Donna from Memes Art Place, so happy you have come to join me this week!
Remember those cute little elephants that my grand daughter and I did?
The ones I left in Minnesota?
Well they flew back here with those big ears! If you need a refresher on how to form these elephants just head HERE!
So these little guys had some work done!
They were painted with Acrylic paints and sealed.
They even grew a little tuff of hair! This was done by poking a hole and adhering some embroidery floss into the hole and ta da!!!! We have hair.
               Adds some fun to this cute roly poly elephant! 
Here is another shot!
 Look at this cutie that my Grand daughter has made!
                  Check out his hair, it is sparkly!
Turned out so well! I love to have the kids work with Creative Paperclay® they can let imaginations fly and you can't do it wrong! Anything goes!
We will have these memories forever and something visible to remember the day!
 The two together.
 So much fun!
 I think you should pick some Creative Paperclay® up and share it with a child!
Think of what you could spark in that child?

Before I go I need to share something with youuuuuu!!!!!!!

We are going to have a blog hop!

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Who knows what kind of scary stuff you might find...........

These were also made with my Grand daughter!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the finished projects!
Please remember to give Creative Paperclay a try, you might just LOVE it!

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mamablitger said...

Meme these elephants are so adorable !!! Oh gosh.. They make me smile. Cute, funny and adorable !!!
Thanks a lot for sharing. And trying to encorage people to play with clay !!!
Hugs from Spain... Monica