Monday, March 9, 2015

Bunnies are Everywhere!

Good Morning!

 The stores seem to have Easter items out already. It's still a little early for my decorations to be put up at my house. To keep me happy until I start decorating, I created this cute bunny display out of Creative Paperclay®.

Look at all the eggs she has gathered to color. She looks so cute resting on a comfy pillow in her half egg shell chair ready to munch on a carrot.

 Creative Paperclay®
Americana multi-surface paint
Makins USA® scalloped clay cutter
 Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive®
Large paper mache' egg
Wire (20 gauge)
Recycled ribbon spool
Micro buttons
Wood Bees
Miniature doll house basket of eggs
Easter grass
Scalloped charger
Chocolate speckled eggs

Let's get started

The Egg Chair

1. Cut a large paper mache' egg in half.
2. Smooth  paperclay around one half of the egg.
3. Take your scalloped clay cutter and  trim around the open edge of the egg.
4. Let air dry or bake per manufacturers instructions.
5. When dry remove from the paper mache' form.
6. Paint your shell the color of your choice.

The Base

1. Take an empty ribbon spool and remove the cardboard from one side.
2. Paint to match your egg color.
3.Glue the painted base to the shell.

The Bunny

1. Take a piece of foil and form it into an egg shape forthe bunnies body.
2. Use foil to form an smaller egg shape for the head.
3. Cover both with paperclay and smooth.
4. Roll out a clay rope.
5. Wrap the clay rope around the bottom of the head.
6. Attach the head to the body smoothing the clay to form it into 1 piece.
7. Take two pieces of clay and attach to the head for ears.
8. Make 3 small balls 1 for the nose and 2 for the bunny cheek jowls and attach to head.
9. Cute 4 small pieces of 20 gauge wire and  insert them into the cheek jowls.

The Pillow and the Carrot

1. Take a piece of foil and shape it into a rectangle.
2. Smooth paperclay over the top and sides.
3. Let dry and paint.
4. Attach buttons to all 4 corners.
5. Turn the Pillow over and glue Easter grass to the bottom edges of the pillow.
6. Take a small ball of clay and form it into the shape of a carrot. Let dry and paint.
7. Glue the pillow into the shell, glue the bunny on and then the carrot.
8. Add any other miniatures you would like. I added the basket and the bees.

 I created an Easter scene using a scalloped edge charger, Easter grass, little fuzzy chicks, and speckled chocolate eggs.

Thanks so much for checking out my tutorial. I hope it inspires you to create a new decoration for the Easter holiday.


I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I studied graphic design in Portland, Oregon before moving to Denton, Texas and putting all my focus on creating mixed media art. In addition to being on the Creative Paperclay design team, I am a contributor for the Robin's Nest Design Team, an article writer for Mixed Media Art, and a blogger for DecoArt.
I strongly believe in giving back. I volunteer at Scrap Denton Creative Reuse Center where I teach workshops, art camps, and perform art demos. I am very passionate about mixed media art and enjoy helping and watching others discover their creativity.

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