Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Faux Pottery

Hi all, glad you came to visit today! This is Donna from Memes Art Place! I love pottery, I love the funky shapes and shiny surfaces. I thought I think we can do this with Creative Paperclay®. In fact I thought heck lets try!

Wouldn't this look cute with some cute little yellow flowers!

Supplies needed:
Creative Paperclay®
Acrylic paints
Saran wrap
Varnish High Gloss
Roller to roll out Creative Paperclay®

Roll out Creative Paperclay. I put Saran wrap over so that it does not stick to my roller.

You will need to add plastic around bottle or whatever else you may be covering so it does not stick to the item.
I utilized the paint bottles to roll out once on bottles.
Once you get it to the point it is nicely wrapped around the bottle, you can then start to shape your vase. I love the funky look!
I made four different styles.
You will let these set for a few days and then twist the paint bottles out. Take plastic out if it does not come out with bottles. If inside of vases are not dry, let dry before sanding.
This post is a two for one....project and tip!
This tip is one of the best I have been able to give. Read below!

I received these in the mail and this project is absolutely perfect for these! These Sandits made sanding in my funky curves a BREEZE! I am SOLD on these! They fit inside of the curves and under the edges of these funky vases. This saved me so much time and gave me a nice smooth finish that I don't think I could have achived as fast as I did or as clean as they came out!
They come in different grit sizes and are on both ends of the stick.
I used these also on a paper project and they worked beautiful! Got into a little area and sanded the paper right off! Easy!
On to our finished projects.
 I love the bright reds and the high gloss finish.
 Love the daisy flower on this one. My Grand daughter has claimed it as hers!

Last one is one that I liked the ripped curled edges and decided to try some staining and adding some metallic gold just for fun! 

If you get started now.....I could see these in pastels and Easter grass for a cute addition to your Easter table!

I am so glad you were able to stop by and visit the Creative Paperclay® blog today! Keep checking back as all of our team have awesome tips and projects!

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Terri Sproul said...

FUN idea, love the sandits too