Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Easter Juggler 3D Canvas Wall Art by Gloriann Irizarry

The Easter Juggle 3D Canvas Wall Art by Gloriann Irizarry
Welcome back to the Creative Paperclay Material® Blog 
Since Spring is in the air and Easter around the corner lets get inspired and create a one of a kind 3D Wall Art. So here it is the Easter Juggler an example of what we all go thru this holiday season.
Have a bless season.
Creative Paperclay Material®
Wire cutter
Aluminum foil
Styrofoam Half Ball
Plastic Sheet
Clay roller
Canvas 10x10
Acrylic Paint
Clear Glossy Spray Sealer
Hot glue gun and refills 
Cover the half Styrofoam ball with a plastic sheet.
Roll your Creative Paperclay Material® to 1/4 thickness sheet and cover the Styrofoam half sphere
Trim any excess and lay down to bone dry.
After the ball dry we are ready to add more details to the ball. This will be the bunny head.
Cut 2 little balls to make the cheeks
With your fingers add them to the head and smooth them with your hands and water.
Add the eyes details and set aside to dry. You can add the bunny teeth a lot easier to the bunny sculpt if you wait for the cheeks to be completely dry.
Cut some wires and bend them to create the loop for the bunny ears. 
Cover the wire with some aluminum foil on both ears.
Roll some of the Creative Paperclay Material®  to a 1/4 thickness and cover both the ears .
Smooth with your fingers and some water to create a nice ear. Curve them a little at this stage to give them the natural look you will like and set them both aside  to dry.
Make sure your happy with the curve before it dry. 

To create the eggs grab some aluminum foil and create some half eggs in different sizes and shapes.
Roll some Creative Paperclay Material® into a 1/4 sheet thickness and cover all the half  eggs and set them aside to dry.
After the eggs dry you can paint them with your favorite acrylic paint colors.
Have fun painting any design you want on your Easter eggs remember this is the fun part.  
The bunny hands were sculpted solid and set aside to dry.
Once dry paint them completely.
Once the head is bone dry apply 2 coats of acrylic paint and add the desire details on the eyes, fore heads, nose and cheeks.

For the canvas paint the back ground in light colors.

Add more interest to the background using the dry paint brush technique.
For the sky use white and blues.
 The field used green, pink and yellow. 
The walk path use white, brown and black. paint the bunny buddy in white acrylic and pink for the belly.  Set aside for the pain to  dry.
Now that the paint is dry use the hot glue gun  and attach the pieces to the dry painted canvas.
Once the pieces secured you can use the glossy sealer and apply completely to the 3D Wall Art immediately while the sealer still wet add the accents glitter to the sky, Easter eggs,  inner ears nose  and the eyes.  You can use clear iridescent glitter or accents colors glitter to give the piece a little more interest.  Set aside so the clear sealer can dry.  

Now here is the completed piece ready to be hang and decorate your Easter home décor.
I hope you have fun with this tutorial and feel free to have any questions join our

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Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Adorable bunny. Great tutorial.

Terri Sproul said...

ihave to make one

Starr White said...

Terrific tutorial! So many good tips and inspiration here - thank you :)

linda hess said...

love the bunny eyes, Nice tutorial