Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Creating Paper Texture August 2017 #artbygloricom Tip

August 2017 #artbygloricom Montly Tip
Hola and Hi to all my wonderful friends. It is Gloriann Irizarry from #artbygloricom once more with a neat and easy tip. It is another wonderful summer day here in Upstate NY.
Since summer is almost done I wanted to share with you a super neat trick I pick up over the years of me sculpting with the super versatile Creative Paperclay.
I like to recycle olf materials so for this one I will use a old brown envelope I recently got from a order in the mail. Cut all arounf the edges of the envelope. Pull the envelope in 2 parts.

Now you can cover the one part with clear thin tape and then completely crinkle it up.

Now use the tape covered portion facing the nicely moist Creative Paperclay and press it all aound it.

Make sure you press firmly and are using the clear tape cover portion. The clear tape will give the envelope the protection it needs to hold the crinkles and will tranfer the texture to the clay very nicely.

Dont be afraind to press hard or moving the little crinkled ball of paper around to make diferent imprints on the flat wet layer of Creative Paperclay material.

Once you are happy with the results you can set is aside to dry. This is how I make the crinkled texture look on some of my mix media sculpted pieces. Looks great when you paint them because the paint loves to pool in the crevices and will give the piece a more three-dimensional look instead of a flat layer.

It also work good at night when you make any lamp from recycle glass. The harder you press the clay against the glass containes the more light you will get to shine thru the final piece.
I hope you find this Tip useful and if so fee free to like and share.
For more fre Creative Paperclay Material ideas and tutorial feel free to follow us. Stay tune.
Gloriann Irizarry
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