Monday, April 4, 2011

Guest Designer - Fantasy Sculptures with PaperClay

Hello all.
I am very excited to be here and be a Guest Designer for Creative PaperClay.
My name is Debbie - My blog is at

I love crafting with all mediums and trying out new stuff so when I was sent some Creative Paper Clay I went right to work with it...

I first made a cute little fellow called a WhoppleColla (my own made up creature)

This little creature is helpful in your garden helping flowers and plants to grow. He has even been known to grow some weeds next to some plants that need an extra prop up for hard winds.... only for a very useful purpose of course!

I sculptured him by making balls of Creative Paperclay and then molding them together by smoothing them together.

I then rolled out his clothing and put them on him.
I let it all air dry thoroughly for a few days and started painting him up.

I must say here that Creative Paper clay is like painting on paper. But it is much better than that and the paint is very easily spread. You really don't have to prep the surface at all or work the paint hard. It is really a relaxing thing to do. I used Acrylic paint to colour him but you can also use watercolour paint for a softer look.

Once dry this little fellow is very light. Other modeling clays I use are quite heavy. This little fellow is about 2 half inches high.

Now I love the fantasy subject so I really had to do another project.....

My fantasy fairy tree.
Here I scultured the tree trunk and molded the little toadstools. I used Fiskars embossing stylus to make the texture in the trunk. I put in a bit of florist wire for the curtain rail and waited for it to dry. Took about a week. It is solid Paperclay. Stands just over 3" high.

I painted it initially with very dark acrylic brown paint and once dry I roughly painted over the lighter brown acrylic paint. I let the texture work for me doing this.

After the paint dried I punched out of paper a leaf shape and cut that in half - stuck it to the curtain rail. (Fiskars Leaf squeeze punch).

I also added some flowersoft to make the grass and the flowers in the flower box at the window.

As you see - Creative paper clay is awesome! You can mold it into any shape. Its easy to use. Light when dry and easy to paint/decorate. Mold-able paper... just love it! It is also addictive to work with.... ***but I didn't tell you that - ok!**** ;)

All the best and happy crafting!


Terri Sproul said...

both of these projects are just amazing... Thanks for sharing.

Godzoned said...

you are very welcome Terri. I loved doing them

NickelNook said...

WOW Debbie! Your Paper Clay projects are really fantastic! I love what you've done! Thanks so much for the inspiration!...Nancy :o)

Abi said...

Great read! I can't live without my cretive paperclay!!

Barbara said...

Oh I love Creative Paperclay and use it frequently on my gourd projects. I bought a pound of it today as a matter of fact. I can't buy it locally so I buy some almost everytime that I go to Branson, MO or Springfield, MO. Your projects are just so special! I really like them both.

Hugs XX

Godzoned said...

thank you everyone