Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Edie's August Tip

Hey everyone, it's Edie and I have a great tip for you today. When you are working with Creative Paperclay® the sky is the limit. That includes the type of tool you can use. I use everything from tooth picks and paint brushes, to real 'sculpting tools' and even toys that I get form my son. Creative Paperclay® is very forgiving so try using unconventional tools in your next project!

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Jan Conwell said...

When I ruin a paintbrush (we won't go into how many times I've done this) I save both the wooden handle and the metal brush part. The round "cookie cutter" effect from the end of the metal bit makes perfect circles in the clay, great for eyes, dots, etc. The handles go on to be witches broomsticks, legs, dragonfly bodies, etc.