Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jess B's - Creative Paperclay® Tip for June

Hello Everyone
today I wanted to chat with you about my experience with
acrylic paints 
kneading acrylic paints into Creative Paperclay®
you can combine several colors together 
and created a marbleized effect
kneading acrylic paints into Delight™
helps extend the playtime you have to complete
your projects

For me, this a bonus as I get 
interrupted several time by my kiddos (lol)
 Look at the fun and vibrant colors you get! 

Use latex gloves
 to mix your acrylic paints and
Creative Paperclay® and Delight™

The more you apply the more vibrant the colors

Allow the Creative Paperclay® and Delight™ mixture sit for approximately 20 minutes so
before rolling out and using.  Sometimes you might need to knead again and set for a few more

I store my finished Creative Paperclay® shapes in a plastic container 
I store my unused  Delight™ in a air tight container and all dried cut shapes into a zip lock bag

Wondering what else you can do

Thanks for stopping by


teri said...

I like this idea of adding the color to the paperclay.... but I am not familiar with the product DELIGHT. Can you post a link or provide info about this .... extending the time sounds GREAT!!

Barbara Rankin said...

Great tip, Jess. I'll remember the gloves when I try this. LOL