Thursday, November 14, 2013

November Tip from Rachel Whetzel

Creative Paperclay® is such a versatile product. Several of our Design Team members have shared ways that they have used clay to create a mold past on canvas. I am here to remind you that not only can you use Creative Paperclay® on canvas, you can use it on art journal pages in the same way!
 Just take a small amount of clay,
add some water and mix them together.
You can see my finished journal page HERE! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Journaling!


Diane said...

Great Tip Rachel!


Dawn Barrett said...

fun tip! I wanted to start an art journal..but i'm a bit of a chicken! cluck, cluck!

Susan Owenby said...

Very cool! The technique works beautifully.

Charmed Confections said...

Love this tip, Rachel! You can create so many different textures using this tip. Fantastic! LeeAnn