Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Using Creative Paperclay With Your Scrapbook Projects -

I am a card maker first...a scrapbook'er second...and a "crafter" third!!!  What has been more fun for me - is learning different tips for using the Creative Paperclay product - and then altering it for what I do best, or being able to get out of my comfort zone and do bigger projects!!!  I am working on a family album - pictures of my husband and I, 2 of our kids...and some of our extended family on both sides - from a visit to our home state in 2012!  The album will be a vertical paper bag album...the pages are not quite finished... and will be shared on my blog directly when I do have them done.  I love using Creative Paperclay with/as embellishments, making them a one of a kind - and specific to the project at hand!  This project is no different!  

Supply list:
1 package Creative Paperclay (small portion)
Flower & leaf mold
Alphabet template 
Xacto knife
Die cuts - leaf stem, flowers
Punch - small flower
Hot glue gun
Roller of some sort

                                                               **I am not giving directions on how to cover the album itself, only in molding the flowers and leaf, and making the letters for the title of the album.  If you need directions for the album cover itself, go to my blog (link below), and you will find it listed on the right hand side saying Vertical Paper Bag Albums!  Should you need any other information, or you just can't find it, please send me a message at memoriesintyme@gmail.com!**

Step one:  Start to roll out 1/3 of the Creative Paperclay (less/more if you need to).  When I do mine, I use a rolling pin - you don't need to have the clay really thick, see picture to the right for how thin I roll mine out to.  

 Step two:  After you have rolled out the clay, mold some of your favorite shapes.  I used flowers and a leaf - using the Creative Paperclay that is rolled out.  Let dry thoroughly, paint to match your project.  

Step three:  Using an alphabet template and Xacto knife, cut out the letters for the title you are doing, using the Creative Paperclay you rolled out.  Allow to dry thoroughly, paint to match your project. 

**TIP - As you are working with the clay - make sure you have a bit of water and paper towels with you.  After you cut your letters out, you can get the excess taken care of by a bit of water on your fingers to soften up the edges of the cuts before it dries.  Do the same with the flowers and leaves as you take them out of the molds!

Step four:  Looking at the project you are doing - create your background...   Since I am making a Vertical Paper Bag album - this project is for the title - of the album that goes on the front cover of the album, with the flower embellishments.   

Step five:  Start to put your project together...  Starting with the letters spelling out the title of the album, add the first word to your project.  Repeat for any additional words you have.  

Step six:  Add any die cut shapes - such as the leaf vine and flowers to the bottom, overlapping with the top color. When that is done, add the Creative Paperclay flowers and leaf to the die cuts using a hot glue gun.    

Step seven:  Using a small flower punch, punch out different colors of paper - add them sporadically on the bottom of the project and on the letters as well, again by using a hot glue gun.

This has been a really fun project for me to do, for many reasons!  As you can see in the photo to the left, there are hidden photos underneath the paper where the title itself is, where the flowers and stems meet at the bottom!  
I especially have liked reminiscing about being able to spend a short time with family members - on our way to my husband and son going to school!  And, as we spend more time with family, they can be added to the album in the various pockets included in the album!  
If you don't scrapbook - picture a fun wall art piece, with or without photos...  Simply use what you have available to you - along with basic art supplies, and you are sure to make a one of a kind masterpiece!  The best part about this Creative Paperclay stuff - the different things you can do with it!!!  I hope you have as much fun in your creations, as I have this one!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team
and Memories in Tyme   

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