Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to turn an old bottle into a Beautiful piece of Home Decor using Creative Paperclay®

Hi, It's Jenn here and today I would like to share with you how to turn an old bottle into a beautiful piece of home decor using Creative Paperclay®  and some other products. I love to re-purpose things and bottles are a great item because not only are you creating you are also recycling! The possibilities are endless.
So Let's get started with how I created mine!!

First The finished product looks like this.....................................................
Isn't she lovely?
Here is what the bottle looked like before transformation..................................
This was a square glass olive oil bottle. I covered with a coat of heavy white gesso to start.
For the next part of this process I chose to use the lighter Delight air dry modeling clay.

Roll a ball of the clay and roll it out into a long strand as pictured above. cut in half so you have two sections.
For the next step you will need some tissue paper with a print. I used Tim Holtz idea-ology Postale tissue wrap. If you do not have any printed you can also use plain white and a black pigment ink to stamp it yourself. Tear off a sheet and crinkle into a ball. Then flatten it back out.

Next, use mod podge or a similar product to adhere to your bottle. cut off any excess and then grab your strands of clay from above step. Wrap them around the top and bottom portions of bottle 2 or 3 times, pressing against the glass with a flat spatula so they stick to the adhesive.

Form a cork with the Delight by rolling in your hands and then pressing into bottle opening to get the round shape. Remove for drying and allow the clay rings to dry on your bottle for a few hours at least. I dried mine overnight. Pictured below- added embellishments this butterfly and flourish piece were also molded using Delight to keep them light. I adhered them with tacky glue. while the clay is still soft you can slightly bend butterfly to give this look.
Now the fun part! Color!!

 I used a combination of Art Anthology Minx ink and Tim Holtz Distress colors to get the blues and purples but you can of course use whatever you like!

Next, apply black gesso to the clay parts only. Let dry completely.

Continue to add color and texture using inks, sprays, embossing powders and whatever you like.
The topper for the cork was created using an angel mold and Creative Paperclay® and the wings were created using a IOD mold and Creative Paperclay®. I added a few paper florals and some glitter and microbeads for some extra sparkle! Here is a close up of the detail.

I hope you have enjoyed my project and that it inspires you to create a beautiful recycled project of your own. Below is a list of products I used.

Creative Paperclay®  Modeling Material
Deligh® Air Dry modeling compound
White Gesso
Black gesso
Tim Holtz Idea-ology tissue wrap
Tim Holtz Distress inks
Tacky Glue
paper flowers

For your Creative Paperclay® purchase click here.

These clays are both available for purchase at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's stores as well.


Patti Krauss said...

Gorgeous project!

Suzette Hussey said...

I love the colors. Very pretty!