Thursday, November 16, 2017

Use Your Scraps!

Hello, Creatives! So, If you are like most crafters you probably find yourself creating things and then setting them aside at times. I do this all the time! I create many many embellishments using molds and Creative Paperclay® and then I do not always use them. I let them dry and they end up in a bin for later use. Today I want to show you how to create a quick little project to use your scraps!

First gather up your scraps and bits that you have created with Creative Paperclay® and paint them all with gesso to prime them. While they are drying grab a canvas board and paint it with black acrylic or any color you wish.
Take a long piece of jute, doubled to create a loop at the top. Next, carefully glue the pieces you have chosen to the jute. be sure to straighten the jute as you glue each piece to it.
Finally, Glue the piece to the canvas board, leaving the bottom scrap loose. Now it is ready for painting and embellishing however you like!
I hate to waste things and this is just one way to utilize all of your scraps and make something unique and beautiful!
Thanks so much for viewing my post and I hope that you are inspired to use those scraps! Once I embellish and paint mine I will share on our Creative Paperclay® Facebook page so be watching for that and also please share what you do with your scraps!
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