Thursday, February 20, 2020

Spring is coming

Spring is coming

Supplies needed:

2 16 oz packages of Creative Paper clay
8" X 10" canvas board
craft glue
rolling device ( I use a PVC tube)
rubber stamp
cookie cutter in 3 sizes
3 to 5 Styrofoam balls 1/2" to 1"
Bunny is my Peony pressmold
paper towel


I am showing how to make a background in paint, however in the end this step could have been eliminated as I changed my mind but thought if you plan to paint the piece you might like this info

Any three colors work, I used Decoart products

i scrape the paints over the canvas, I use those card that come in the mail then i can trash them lol

Then scrunch up a paper towel and blot

let dry

If you don't paint your canvas, this will be the beginning

 Roll out one package of 16 oz paper clay, about 1/4" thick or thinner. 

 big enough to cover your canvas

smear glue on edges of canvas

lay canvas on to rolled out paperclay

Cut off excess paper clay and save in plastic baggie for later

flip canvas over

Position cookie cutters where you want cut out

Cut out and remove excess clay, save for later

I then textured the piece, with rubber stamp and made some faux cracks with a knife

Let Dry

Dried piece my cracks showed up a bit more

roll out snake shapes for stems, lay in place, but don't attach 
just let dry

one dry i then added glue to back of all stems and attached

I made leaves, roll out tear dropped pieces and use knife to make marks on each leaf, I made different sizes 
again laid them in place and let dry, then attached with glue

I covered each of my little Styrofoam balls with 1/4" clay  

Marked the cent with the end of paint brush and cut out small circles and wrapped on to the clay covered ball and turned down the edge

Placed my roses and let dry and then glued in place
the large flower is just circle with lines drawn in and attached open 

the Bunny is my Peony pressmold 
you can always sculpt your own or leave bunny off

Gesso the entire piece
let dry

I spray painted the entire piece
and let dry

I sponged over piece with russet color paint then copper paint
let dry
then used patina antiquing medium, paint entire piece with it
let dry and wipe off areas so copper and rust show with a damp cloth or paper towel

hope you enjoy 

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