Friday, January 18, 2013

January Tip from Rachel Whetzel

Last month, my tip didn't publish like it should have, so I'm sharing my tip THIS month! In November, I said sandpaper is your friend. Along those same lines, LAYERING is a great tool for getting the shapes you want in a piece. Instead of trying to create a detailed sculpt all at once, work in layers, allowing each layer of clay to dry before adding onto it.
Sculpting the brim of a hat, for example, isn't an easy task. The smaller the scale you are working in, the harder sculpting details like that are to do. However, by starting small, and allowing your clay to dry between your added layers, (and of course with the help of sand paper at the end) you can get really great results! Sometimes, it's important to remember that taking your time can be key in creating something you love.

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