Friday, April 4, 2014

First Friday Fan Day with Rachel Whetzel

To the first ever, First Friday Fan Day here on the Creative PaperClay® blog! It's Rachel Whetzel here, and I have been browsing the web today, looking for things that YOU have shared on line using Creative PaperClay®! I've found some things that I think you will love, so I hope you hop over to the links I'm sharing with you today, and let your fellow Creative PaperClay® lovers know you saw what they shared too! 

On Instagram:
Minis on the Edge shared a MINIATURE HOUSE she made for a client that I want to move into myself.

On Facebook:
Donna Braaten-Budzynski shared her FIRST PROJECT! It's just in time for Spring!
Susie McMahon shared her latest ART DOLLS. They will blow you away.

On Pinterest:
Ukrainian Art Doll Artist, Semiramis' Garden's ART DOLL was recently pinned. Her finish looks like porcelain.
Pinterest was full of fun projects like these:

I'm sure there are more that I've missed out on, so please, please PLEASE,
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Dawn Barrett said...

Just shared this on my FB page...what a great idea!!

Fay Strachan said...

I live in ascot land and can't get this product in any of the art shops. Buying online has postage added that makes it too expensive. Do you know if anywhere in Scotland stocks this?