Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to create a Creative Paperclay® 2 parts art doll hands by Gloriann Irizarry

Hola Amigos is Gloriann Irizarry with April's happy crafting tip.

This time I will show you how to create a seamless removable arm.
Having removable arm makes the Molding process and casting the final piece a lot easier.


Recycle a grocery bag


Your Creative Paperclay® Art doll

Sculpting hands single hands are a lot easier than sculpting them attached to the figure .
Specially if you are going to make a mold. Been able to have a seamless removable arts will make the mold making process so much easier. 

To do a seamless removable arm  by cutting a small square out of the grocery bag.

Make sure the square size fit and cover the whole arm or body portion you want to be able to separate. 
Add a light coat of water with a paint brush to adhere the grocery bag to the piece.

Now dry fit the arm and using a paint brush add some clay around the area to create a seamless arm.

Make sure the arm is place on the position you want the final arm to look.

Repeat the process on the next arm

Let the piece dry overnight.

Once dry you can gently removed the arm and take the plastic out.

Take the entire plastic out. It will peel nicely to reveal a 2 part sculpt

All you need to do is sand  the arm and you will have a 2 part sculpt that can be easy put apart for you to mold it easier.  

I use this technique a lot with my Ball Joint Dolls (BJD) it helps to make molds for porcelain or ceramics out of my Creative Paperclay® sculpts masters.

I hope this inspire you so feel free to leave a question or comments below.

Have a bless day and happy crafting my friends!


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Chuck said...

Thank you so much for that tip.......amazing what I learn on this site....keep up the wonderful tips