Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Bugs, Create your own specimens by LuLu Lancaster

Hello There LuLu here again with some creepy crawlers :) Happy Spring and with Springtime I always think about Bugs. Usually the kind invading my home, but these are fun little colorful freeform Bugs ;)

All you need is 
Creative PaperClay®
needle and thread
Acrylic paints
I used brown red and gold
An Acrylic gloss

Start with multiple clay balls any size

squish a few of them together and elongate to make a bug like shape

You can make any type of bug shape I have a few caterpillar types ;)

take your needle and thread and run lengthwise of the body.
Leaving threads hanging on both ends. Creates the illusions of bug "parts"

Now run your thread across the body to create insect arms and legs

Let your new creatures dry in the sun :)

Paint fun colors with spots and stripes. You can even add "wings" from plastic with a drop of glue.

After they have dried add some acrylic gloss to shine them up :)

And that is how you make "bugs" with Creative PaperClay®

Thank you so much for following along :D I hope you have enjoyed this little project.

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Susan at said...

These are so stinking cute! I love them!