Saturday, May 14, 2011

Light Switch Cover Girl

There is no need for your light switch covers to be boring anymore! Here's what you'll need for this project:

Light Switch Cover

Creative Paperclay


Rolling pin

Non-stick craft pad or wax paper to roll out paperclay

Craft knife or butter knife


Acrylic Paint, Paint Pens

Decoupage Glue or Glue that Dries Clear Diluted With Water

Interior Varnish

Plastic bag to keep screws in.

What to Do:

1.  Paint light cover with 2-3 very thin layers of gesso. Allow to dry. Be careful to maintain open holes for screws in the light cover.

2.  Roll out a lump of paperclay to a very thin layer - about 1/16th of an inch. Make sure that enough paperclay is rolled out to cover light switch cover.

3.  Cover light switch cover with paperclay, cut around the edges, poke out the screw holes, and the actual switch area. Smooth paperclay around edges of light switch cover but do not allow paperclay to go over the edge of the cover. This will prevent the cover from fitting flush on the wall.

4.  Let your paperclay base dry.

5. Once dry, pull gently on the paperclay or bend the light cover slightly. If the paperclay base comes up from the light cover, remove it and apply decoupage or white glue full strength. If the base does not come up, proceed with project.

6.  Roll a small ball and a long, thin snake out of paperclay. The ball will become the Light Switch Cover Girl's head, the snakes will become her arms and legs.

7. With your pencil, lightly draw your girl onto the light switch cover. No need for details of the face, just a round shape where her head will go, a neck (around the top screw hole), her dress (or if you want to make a boy, his suit). Leave room for the face, arms, and head to be built onto the clay base and protrude.

8.  Take the small ball, flatten it a bit and work in into the paperclay base with a bit of water. Add facial features like a small nose, some lips, and hair if you wish.

9. Cut two small arms and work them into the clay base with some water. I like to put my girl's hands on her hips, but feel free to build your arms however you wish.

10. Cut two small legs...add these to your clay base. Always be sure to stay on the flat part of the light switch cover. Otherwise, your cover may not fit flush on the wall.

11. Allow your newly built girl (or boy) to dry. Once dry, paint to your girl to your liking. Finish with varnish, make sure the edges get a bit of this coating. Add a second coat once dry.

12. And now you have your own Light Switch Cover Girl! Imagine the possibilities! How many light switches do you have? Great for gifts as well!

Thanks for reading!


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Brenda said...

Ha, too funny, I am in the process of making some of these also...might have to rethink my idea now
Great job though
Brenda. DTM