Friday, May 6, 2011

Paperclay Pencil Holder

I was think about making a Father's Day gift that Dad could use in his office and came up with this Pencil Holder. I am really into Steampunk right now and it's manly! so this has a Steampunk Theme to it... Hope you like


Glue Dots ®: craft and continues Lines

Creative Paperclay

Pencil Holder from UsArtQuest

Acrylic Paint: Latte

Brown Ribbon

Amazing Putty to make a mold of Gears

Gold and copper paint

Stamp: Steampunk Background from Viva Las Vegastamps!

Metallic Rub-ons from Craf-T Products – these are a metallic cream rub-on to add highlights to embossed images


1) Make a Mold of a Gear using Amazing Molding Putty: After you have made the mold – make two or three Paperclay gears. Set aside to dry.

2) Paint Pencil holder with “latte” Acrylic Paint – No need to paint all just the edges – just in case your Creative Paperclay did not cover the whole Pencil Holder

3) Roll out Paperclay to about ¼” thick and wrap around Pencil Holder while still wet. Press Steampunk Background Stamp into clay. Set aside to dry

4) When Creative PaperClay is dry – paint with “latte” acrylic Paint. Paint Creative PaperClay gear with Gold and Cooper Paint. The I used “Sky Blue” Metallic Rub-ons – I added a little of the color to my fingers and rub-on the PaperClay Steampunk stamped image – this help bring out the image in the clay.

5) Use My Glue Dots® Crafts to adhere my Creative Paperclay to Pencil Holder.

6) Used My Glue Dot® Continues Lines to add my ribbon to both the top and bottom of the Pencil Hold to give a finished look. Glue Dots® crafts work great to add the Creative PaperClay Gear to the Pencil Holder for a finishing touch..

Here is a close up photo - where you can see the detail I got in the clay with the stamps. Thanks for stopping by - please check out my personal blog for more of my work. Click Here


Godzoned said...

cool idea! love it

Ann said...

What fantastic creative ideas you come up with. Thanks for coming by my little corner of OZ.

Barbara said...

Really a great gift for a father or brother or son or any manly figure! lol Love your work Terri!

Hugs XX

Brenda said...

Wow, amazing. Great gift idea

debbieluttrell said...

Love it! It's really hard to think of something that a man would like. This one is sure to please