Friday, July 15, 2011

Bookmark For Your Summer Novel

So I'm on vacation this weekend. Of course, I must pack a small craft bag. As we are camping, I really have to taper my craft bag down to a few items. So, I brought a couple of pre-made, unfinished Paperclay bookmarks, a cheap Daler Rowney acrylic paint kit, some paint brushes, and a package of Delight (just in case I feel like sculpting a bit!) But tonight, it was all about painting those bookmarks. I find it is always good to have ready-made crafts on hand for quick and easy project fun!

What You Need:
Creative Paperclay
Rolling pin
Non-stick craft mat or wax paper
Butter knife
Straight edge or ruler
Acrylic paint
String, thread, or embroidery thread
Beads (optional)

Camping Craft Kit

What To Do:
1. Roll out a clump of paperclay really thin to 1/16th of an inch. Make sure you do this on the non-stick craft mat or wax paper.

2. Cut out bookmarks with the butter knife by guiding it along the straightedge (or ruler). Or have a blast with some cookie cutters! Make sure you take the toothpick and make a whole big enough for your string to fit through. Also, make sure the whole is not close to the edge as this may promote breakage.

3. You can try baking your cut-outs at 230 degrees for up to 5 minutes. I have found that allowing them to air dry for a 3 hours, placing them under a heavy book over night, and then allowing them to dry for a few more hours in the morning is best for a really flat bookmarks. This is why I make several at a time and keep them on hand. Patience is not a virtue I have a lot of!

4.  Once dry, go ahead and paint to your heart's content!

Put Down That Flyer From The Camping Office and Be Messy!!!
5.  Once the paint is dry, run your string, thread, embroidery thread through the whole. Add a bead to the end if you wish! And now you have yourself a lovely, paperclay bookmark for your summer reading books!

Or You Can Put Your Bookmark in Your Latest Edition of Art Doll  Quarterly

Love Summer Reading!!!

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