Monday, October 3, 2011

MORE Halloween Creative Paperclay Projects!

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary…….. I came up with some new Creative Paperclay ideas! I’m really having fun coming up with decorative things created from paperclay these days, but check out the gourds I’m using along with the clay:
Halloween paperclay projects 002 This is an egg gourd and yep, it’s shaped just like an egg!
Halloween paperclay projects 014 This is an egg gourd with part of a mini bottle gourd glued to it.
These two gourds were the beginning of my Creative Paperclay project. They were the “skeleton” so to speak for my clay to be applied on. I do get the gourds wet before I cover them and mold the clay to look like these pictures:
Halloween paperclay projects 012                         Halloween paperclay projects 016
To me, it’s just so much fun turning that little humble gourd and some clay into something that so neat for Halloween. Oh, in case you are wondering the whiskers on the cat are actually horse hair. I had some to use on a different gourd project. Once the clay was dry (it did take about a day and a half) It was time to paint. FUN!
The painting of the Halloween cat and raven turned out super spooky neat I thought:
Halloween paperclay projects 027                                          Halloween paperclay projects 021                                 Halloween paperclay projects 028
The raven’s eyes were silver glitter and it made them really show up. Now I have a couple more things to decorate for Halloween. What do you think of them? I also wanted to mention that even though I use gourds a lot, you can use styrofoam or anything similar.


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this is awesome...I love your gourd creations, but this is superb. Very spooky too
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