Friday, October 5, 2012

A Creative Paperclay® Decorative Ornament for Halloween


We now have a new Creative Paperclay® team just starting and I’m very proud to say that I’m on that team! That being said, here I am with another Paperclay post! The other day when I cut out a shape for the Christmas ornament that was in my last post, I also cut out a shape for a Halloween decoration. It all starts with this stuff: 2003-02-18 13.35.39 I cannot emphasize enough what a great product it is and how easy it is to work with. I started out with my Paperclay shape:2003-02-23 15.28.08 and then just decorated it with a collage of different Halloween items that I had. I gessoed the shape first and then used Mod Podge to adhere and cover the items which were put onto the shape. Here’s the finished work:

2003-02-23 15.57.14    2003-02-23 15.55.46

I took two pictures of the finished ornament because I put some glitter on it and some of the pictures had a bit of glare on them. lol Your imagination is your only limitation when you work with Creative Paperclay® You can purchase Creative Paperclay® at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and of course from Creative Paperclay® itself. Have you tried this paperclay yet? If you haven’t you certainly should!!

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