Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jess B's - Tween Heart Necklace

Thanks for stopping by
Now that major holidays have come to an end
we have a little breathing space to
create some future Hallmark celebrations

My daughter is getting older
and she now wants to pick out her own
clothing, do her own hair, etc.

I know she loves this color combination
I decided to make her a

great for Valentine's Day

 rolled the lavender one out and made it 1/4" thick
combined all the Creative Paperclay® colors
Love the way the colors swirled
 rolled the  Creative Paperclay®  thick enough
 to pierce the wood skewer through
about 1/4"

Knowing my little kiddo
she is going to want me to change the ribbon
for a leather or stretchy string

See you soon!

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