Friday, July 26, 2013

Lynda's Creative PaperClay Tips for July

I absolutely love being a part of this amazing team of women, where in one way or another have taught me a lot where it comes to working with this Creative PaperClay!  I have so many things I am working on right now - some out of Creative PaperClay, some out of paper!  One of my current projects I am working on is a magnet made out of the clay, molds, and a rubber stamp!  I like experimenting with different mediums to see what type of "effect" I can get, while using basic stamping and scrapbooking materials!  I can't wait to start to play with other techniques and products to see what I can come up with! 

Lynda's tips for the month:  
  1. Do NOT be afraid to play with the clay to create things with - and don't be afraid to
    scrap the project and start over using the same clay too!  I have used it for embellishments on frames, cans, cards, cereal boxes...  Use your imagination and have fun with it!  
  2. Make sure to clean your stamps and molds with water and a brush.  You want your creations to be perfect every time you make something!  
  3. Make sure to clean your surface before you start to work on the clay - especially if you have pets!   
  4. Look at the templates you might have from scrapbooking - to use instead of cookie cutters if you don't have them!  Plus you can always cut out a shape out of paper, using it as your template too!  
  5. Dry your creations on a flat surface if you want them to be "flat" on one side.  As the clay is drying - you want to turn it over to allow the air to dry the other side.  
Great product to work with - I am planning out some fun Halloween embellishments - and can't wait to get all my stuff here at my new place and out of storage!  I have some fun stamps I want to use this year with the clay!  Check back here on 8/6 for a fun project I am working on now - and my tips post will be on 8/20 which will be all about tips on making gifts, I hope you will join me!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs

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