Saturday, July 13, 2013

Make a bird brooch

Hi there, I'm Diana and I'm going to show you how to make a bird brooch! I love birds so much.

Here's the step by step:

You'll need some Podgeables by Plaid Crafts, and actually you can use any shape they have. They have crowns, hearts and flowers too, I think.

Carefully spread the podgeable with paper clay. 

Now, you're going to use a typewriter font background stamp, and press into the clay, making an impression into the clay. Let it dry, then get out some paint spray or ink spray:

It's best to add color to these with some sort of spray. Oh, and you can poke a hole at the bottom when the clay is still wet, if you wish to add beads hanging down from your brooch. 

After you've added color, let it dry some, and then go over the edges with a pigment ink based ink pad. Then, just spray it with some acrylic sealer. 

And that is indeed that! I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial! 


Barbara Rankin said...

Love your idea to use podgeables for the base for your bird brooch. The clay is so versatile that you can use it on just about anything. TFS such a great idea. I love birds, too, so I may have to borrow your idea. :)

Susie M. said...

These are WONDERFUL!! I'm definitely going to have to give this a try. It's such a simple technique! Thank you so much for going through the process for us. :)