Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lynda's September Creative PaperClay Tips

Hi!  It's Lynda from the design team bringing you some tips for September!  I love using the clay and recently discovered using my scrapbook templates with this fun stuff!  It was a lot of fun to play with, making different shapes as well as letters too!  Not only did I make my sisters album with her name on it, I also made an album for myself also with my name on it!  Working with the clay and templates, I have a few tips to help you along the way!  

  • After you have rolled out your clay, flip the template over so you can use the flat side of clay on the bottom when you cut it out versus the top of the clay where it is not so smooth.  
  • Use a sharp Xacto knife to cut the letters or objects out.  If edges are cut in to or not perfectly shaped, simply use your fingers to smooth it out.  Make sure you do this when the clay is wet!
  • Clean your surface each time you use the clay - to make sure you have no pet hairs, food, or other particles on your surface that can get in the clay!
  • Experiment with different types of paint to see what works the best for you as you are working on your projects!  
  • If you typically create embellishments for scrapbooking or card making, try to look at this blog for ideas you can start to recreate yourself!  There are great projects and tips from fellow design team members!
I have had more fun in playing with this clay than I thought I would!  I can't wait to show you the projects I am working on now for next month!  Make sure you are following the blog here for more information on the Halloween Blog Hop on October 5th and my regular post on October 8th!  See you then!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative PaperClay Design Team and Memories in Tyme   


sue morris said...

Thank you for the great tips Lynda. I'm still trying to get used to handling the clay so this is definitely appreciated!

Barbara Rankin said...

Great tips, as always.