Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lynda's August Tips

I just noticed this did not post on 8/20...so you get 2 posts today!  Creative Paperclay® and their Delight product is just amazing to work with.  If you are in to scrapbooking - I have used it for one of a kind embellishments on my pages and cards!  Recently I pulled out some of my old scrapbooking templates to see what I could come up with!  On the next project I am showing you, you will see how I made clay names to put on the front of a paper bag album cover for my sister!  My tips for this month is all about using templates with your creations!  
  • Use scrapbook templates to create shapes cutting them out with an Xacto knife when the clay is wet.  You can also use cookie cutters, but if you already have templates for scrapbooking, then this works just as good! 
  • If you have any edges that you have cut in to - simply flatten it against the clay to make it smoother.  When using the Xacto knife, you will get flaws in your edges as you cut the clay out.   
  • Look at both sides of the clay you are working with for the best side before you cut into the clay with the knife.  This way you get the best side, not one that has a lot of flaws in it.  
  • Find something that is round, such as an old bottle of some sort that you can use to roll out the clay.  You can use something smaller - such as a pen or pencil...but it's harder to use when working with the clay!  
  • I've said it before - I will said it again...DON'T be afraid to play with the clay at all!!  You never know what you will end up making!  Also - don't be afraid to use different things to create with if you don't happen to have exactly what it is you need!  Sometimes the best things made have been made with substitutions!  
 I hope you have enjoyed my tips for this month as much as I have had fun in bringing them to you!  I can't wait to show you the fun things I have made with this awesome stuff!  
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