Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beginner Tips by Lynda

My last project - Sugar Rush - was done using a large pickle jar (recycled of course), along with Stampin' Up supplies and Creative Paperclay for the letters and flowers!  I had just got some mold's, and wanted to create a few flowers with it! They have different sized flowers included in the mold, but the smaller sized are harder to work with for me because of my hands.  
So, when you have intricate pieces like this that you are trying to paint, simply get a straight pin and poke a hole in the under side of the piece - and paint the top part while you are holding the pin! With the flowers shown here - I painted 2 coats of white paint - let dry...and then sponged on Strawberry Slush and Crisp Cantaloupe ink by Stampin' Up on top, after the white had dried!   It was easier to use the pin, paint and then set down to dry!  
A another thing you can try - along with using the pin, put a pop dot on the underside of the piece, and then put the pin through the pop dot to the Creative Paperclay piece!  This helps for the pin to not move around while holding the piece, and the pop dot, which is already in place when you put it on the piece you are working on!  
One thing I am starting to really love - molds!  You can use the same mold many different times, just painting them different, or using different techniques to create them with! When paired with Creative Paperclay, you are sure to create one of a kind things every time!  
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Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay 

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