Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sugar Rush - Recycled Pickle Jar

I love to recycle things - whether it is jars, or cans, or boxes, if it can be reused into something else - I do it!  That is the best part about using the Creative Paperclay product - you can recycle many things - to make what you want or need!  This project is simply a Vlasic pickle jar - the biggest jar you can find at Walmart, recycled in to a treat jar on my desk!!!  I hate to throw things away - and I don't know how to recycle the right way, I recycle some stuff into things I can actually use!  I recently shared a recycled peanut jar on my blog (link below), which is for my husband!  This one is mine - and yes, more girlie colors! I truly love how it turned out, so lets get started!    

**I had to take two photos since you couldn't see the whole title on the picture!  It say's "Sugar Rush" as the title, but can be created with whatever title you want!**
Supply list:  
Creative Paperclay (less than half the package)  

White acrylic paint - Craft Smart
Alphabet template - CTMH
Flower mold - Stampin' Up
Garden Party stamp set - Stampin' Up
Ink pads - Stampin' Up
     Coastal Cabana
     Strawberry slush
     Crisp cantaloupe
Cardstock - Stampin' Up
     Whisper white
     Strawberry slush
     Crisp cantaloupe
Ribbon - white, teal, mauve, peach
Tools I used - 
     Xacto knife
     Fine tipped scissors
     Hot glue gun
Step one:  Take the mold, and mold 5 of each of the 3 size flowers - set aside to dry.
Step two:  Take the clay - and flatten it out to 1/8" or less thickness.  You need it thick enough - but not too thick!  
Step three:  Using your alphabet template, create your title.  I used "Sugar Rush" as my title, you could do whatever you wanted!  
Step four:  After you let the clay creations (both alphabet and flowers) dry 24 hours, sand the alphabet letters to get any imperfections out.  Paint each piece white, both flowers and letters.  
**Tip**  For the flowers, grab a straight pin and poke a hole on the bottom of the flower, to allow you to paint the top to have something to hold on to!    
Step five:  Take your ink pads, the strawberry slush and crisp cantaloupe, with the sponge - and ink the flowers that should be dried from the paint.  Set aside for step seven.      
Step six:  After you let everything dry, you are ready to put it all together!  Take each letter, and hot glue it to a sheet of cardstock (I used strawberry slush).  Take your scissors, and cut around each letter 1/8" or so around each letter.  Do each letter individually until you are all done.
Step seven:  Add the flowers to the top of the letters randomly using the hot glue gun.   Set aside until the rest of the steps are done. 
Step eight:  Cut the white sheet of cardstock to 9 x 5, and then using the stamp set, stamp the flowers and leaves in each of the 4 colors randomly on the paper.  
Step nine:  Matt the white sheet on the pistachio, and then crisp cantaloupe cardstock, finishing off with the letters on top.  

Fun project to create, fill it up with candy to give away as a gift, or make for your own special treats to be put in!  I hope you enjoy today's project, and make sure you check in this month for my beginner tips starting this month!  Nothing but things to help you when you are just starting out!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 
and Memories in Tyme          

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