Monday, March 14, 2016

Kerrie's Tip: Paperclay Slurry

What is Paperclay slurry?
It is a mixture of Paperclay and water. 

Okay, so what can I do with it?
Lots! You can join two pieces of wet clay. You can use it to smooth imperfections in an already dry clay project. You can coat a piece of clay with slurry and make some really cool textures. You can put Paperclay slurry in a small bottle or syringe and draw designs on your project. You can use it like a glue to attach embellishments to clay.

Sounds cool! Where do I get it?
Great news! You can make your own Paperclay slurry with the dried scraps you have leftover from your other projects.

Really? Tell me how!

First, collect dried scraps of Paperclay. When I have Paperclay dust from sanding a project, I usually put this straight into my slurry container. Add the scraps to a large container with a lid and add water.

Close the container and store away. The water will break the Paperclay down in a liquid clay. After a few days, you can use the slurry right from the container. Or, once you've collected a lot of slurry, you can separate the smoother slurry from the lumpy slurry.

Using a sieve, strain the lumpy slurry into a separate container.

This is my smooth working slurry.

And this is my lumpy slurry where I store the scraps with water and wait for it to soften into a liquid.

Keep both jars closed tightly, and add more water as needed. 

How are you using Paperclay slurry in your projects?

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Sandee Setliff said...

I've been keeping mine to do this, love the idea of straining it though, brilliant!