Monday, March 21, 2016

Sandee's suggestions

Well, it's time for...what have you learned Sandee that another beginner might enjoy?

I have been learning and enjoying how flexible and forgiving Creative Paperclay really is. When I was working on my Book of Life canvas, I used a cookie cutter mold to make the bunny rabbit in ...which is when I ( by accident mind you ) discovered that Paperclay is quite flexible. 

Originally I made 2 rabbits from the mold ( just to make sure I had an extra in case I messed one up ) and when they both looked good enough to use I decided to stack them together to create some dimension and that's when I discovered I had pulled an ear slightly off when removing it from the mold.
(The bunny on the left has the "pulled ear" and I drew a line where the other ear goes so I would know where to put my glue, except I decided to stack them differently but you get the idea.)

But joy, joy, it looked great because that gave him a 3-D appearance!
( I love accidents, don't you?)

Next, I noticed that one of the feet had warped a little while it was drying and I love how wet glue just softens up the Paperclay enough so that you can clamp them together and it straightens itself out.

A little sanding and painting and he was ready to hop down the easter trail!

Hope everyone has a "hoppy" Easter!

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