Sunday, July 3, 2016

Before You Throw It Away - Recycle and Repurpose

Before you start to throw things away - boxes, inserts from things you have purchased, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls...look at them a bit differently when it comes to creating with Creative Paperclay!  My husband and I created a fun Halloween set last year - this year, we are adding more things to go with the things we did last year!  I am making a tree out of two toilet paper rolls and Creative Paperclay product!!!  We are flattening out the product and making houses out of our cat treats containers and Project Life boxes!!!  I can't wait to get them done and shared with you when they are completed!  
  • Look at the things you normally would throw away - and find other uses for
    them with decorations for holiday's or for your home!
  • Make sure you look at things you need to create a few months from now - NOW!  This way you are not rushed as to things you need to get done!  
  • Sketch things out on paper before hand.  How do you want your project to look at the end of it all?
  • If you have molds - and either the Delight or the Creative Paperclay product - make sure to mold a few of your favorite designs ahead of time!  This way - it saves on dry time when you are working on a project!  
  • Get organized!  If you do a lot of crafts - find a system to organize yourself that works for YOU!  If you are in a small space, look for ways that you can hide things - baskets, bins...and find something such as a wardrobe where you are able to add shelves in it for your things!  
I love working with the Delight and Creative Paperclay products - both for different reasons!  I love how light and airy the Delight product is - and how you can really create that block of Creative Paperclay into something amazing!  I equally love how you look at the others on this team - and you can learn so much from them -( have you seen the Fairy Garden, talk about DARLING)!!!  I can't wait to see what our team has created next!!!
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 


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