Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Forgotten Act -- Altered Sketch Book Covers

 Altered Sketch Book Covers

First thing I decided to create this project is to make the embellishments for the front cover using a mold and I added CPC to the back of  sketch book to cut down to add an image using stamps. The picture shown below was used reference point to figure out the size of the hole I needed to cut out. 


After I applied the CPC, I smoothed the edges using water on my fingertips. And I stamped the images into the clay as shown. 

I painted the project with black acrylic.

I painted the covers with blue acrylic paint.

I applied Primary Elements (Hopeful Honeysuckle) on the project with a paint brush and I also added some to the pink acrylic paint.

I used Inka Gold, H20s, acrylic paint as shown above and the I added some more Primary Elements. I finished the project off by added more Inka Gold. 

This project was titled Forgotten Act because Kathlyn Jones, the woman in the photo, has no information on the Internet about her besides her photo and that she was an actress in the early 1900s.


Dana Driscoll said...

I love this! From The combination of the mold, the selection of the photo, it shows your careful planning and follow through of this great project. Well done! I look forward to seeing more projects from you.

Unknown said...

Thank you lady. I like my projects to tell a story.

Unknown said...

Thank you lady. I like my projects to tell a story.