Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lynda's Altered Box

I get a lot of boxes - and hate to throw them away!  I have a desk that holds most of my creative stuff - along with a few other small pieces which holds other small pieces that is!  Since I have all these boxes - I decided to alter one, using molded flowers using the Delight product!!!  

Supplies used:
Priority mail box 
Stampin' Up papers and cardstock
Stampin' Up white bakers twine
Sizzix vine and flower die cut
Flower mold
Delight product
Border punch

Bakers twine
Luminart Paint - Sunflower and Rose Gold
**Tip - make sure to find molds you will use a lot, and make up a bunch of them ahead of time!  This way - when you need them, they are made and ready to go!!!  

Step one:  Start with the box and cut the flaps from the top of the box.  

Step two:  Start with the papers for the inside with the bottom first - then the 2 small sides, finishing with the 2 longer sides.  

Step three:  Add the outside papers - starting with the small sides first - then the longer sides.  

Step four:  Cut a "V" on each corner - to allow for the paper to be folded down to the inside.  Make sure you use adhesive to glue it to the inside to hold it down.

Step five:  Take a white sheet of cardstock - measure to just a bit smaller than the side of the box - border punch around the top and bottom edge.

Step six:  Take the vine die cuts and the flowers (I used two for each flower and layered) - and add them to the front on top of the white sheet from step five.  

Step seven:  Paint the already molded (and dried) flowers in the Sunflower and Rose Gold to go on top of the flowers - 2 of each color.  Then take 2 small flowers, paint in Sunflower and 1 larger one and paint in Rose Gold - add to bottom corner.  

Step eightFinish with the bakers twine going around the whole box and making a bow at the front!         

Step nine:  Add your scrapbook/creative items to the inside of the box and get ready to make more!!!   

Great to simply add things you are working on - at the time you need them, putting away when you simply do not have the time TO do something...  Plus you can simply grab a new box and alter it as you change designs or you find a new paper design you want to use!  Make more than one using one printed and solid pack that coordinates!   I know this will help me get very organized, keeping out only what I need at the time!  Easy project - can be used for so many things and so many rooms!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 2016       

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