Sunday, January 1, 2017

Altered Can Tealight Holder (Or Anything Holder)

I love candles - I always have, life "prior to husband" that is!  He is completely the opposite I am, and hates having anything with flame near me (I'm not sure if he thinks I will burn my house down or hurt myself.....)!!!  I decided I wanted to use the tealights we bought for something else - and light a candle when I simply want to relax, and alter a tuna can I did!!!  Now, if you look back a couple of posts down, you will see another AMAZING tealight holder project!!!  Totally different idea's, but absolutely can be created together, in fact - I am going to be using this for inspiration for sure!  
This is the kind of project that is easy enough to use with any cans that are small like this, such as tuna or cat food cans!!!  It is also easy enough to customize it to the person receiving it - this one was for me!!!!  For this project, make sure you look in your stash for supplies you can use, before you go out and purchase them:

Supplies needed:

  • Can of your choice
  • Creative Paperclay product 
  • Paint of your choice
  • Sand paper
  • Embellishments for the outside of the can
  • Hot glue gun
  • Water
Step one:  Take the can you are using, and make sure to wash it thoroughly.  If it takes a couple of times to wash it so there is no smell, do so!  

Step two:  Flatten out the Creative Paperclay product very thin - you want to wrap the to the inside of the can.

Step three:  Before you let it dry - take the water and your index finger, and smooth out the Creative Paperclay product as best you can!

Step four:  After fully dried, sand the product once at least, maybe twice if you see it needs it!  Paint it after you are done and you have wiped off the item!  Paint at least 2 coats, letting it dry enough between coats!

Step five:  After the holder has completely dried, start to create the outside edges!  I started with leftover beads and things I had from other projects - and started to add the wire - a few beads....and then a flower between each of the sets of beads.  I went around the item twice, hot gluing the wire and the flowers as you go! 

I have a few more of these in my head - ready for more tealights and things I simply need to keep!!!!  I always like doing one thing, because it makes the next thing I do go much smoother because I have learned the little things NOT to do!  Easy project, grab some fun tealight candles for your favorite friend - and an easy gift is made!  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have enjoyed making it!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 2016


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