Sunday, February 19, 2017

Working with Creative Paperclay and Delight Products

I have been on the design team for the past 3 years, and simply have learned so much working with everyone that has been on this incredible team!  I scrapbook and stamp, so I use both Creative Paperclay and Delight in various ways for my scrapbook pages, my cards, and paper crafts galore!  I am working on organizing my space, Creative Paperclay is a part of the spaces I am organizing!  Magnets made with stamps and molds, make my space look inviting and happy!!!
Yet part of working with this incredible stuff, is being able to learn from others on my team and the things they have done as well!  Going in to the next few months, here are a few tips whether you are working on a gift, your own creative space, or your space outside:

  • Take a look at the past projects -we have Easter coming up, Mothers Day, outdoor projects - find something you want to do and get the supplies started for it!  Planning things out a bit, really helps to make sure the
    finished project is PERFECT!  
  • If you want your project to be a bit heavier, use Creative Paperclay!  It hangs better on with a magnet on the back, than does the Delight!  
  • Plan your projects out on paper - before you start to tackle them in real life!  This way, those larger projects you want to be "perfect" will be PERFECT!  
  • If something is simply not working the way you want it to be - start over!  The best part of working with the Creative Paperclay and Delight products - is being able to reuse it if you don't wait too long!!!  
I am working on my designs for a fun fairy garden (thanks to the design team), and a fun angel girl that will sit by my desk (thanks to a past blog post)!  I am designing on paper first - finding the items I need to recycle...(boy do I use a lot of creamer), and by the time May hits - I will have a fun fairy garden for my patio, my angel girl done, and more magnets made for my creative space!  
Lynda Jeffs
2017 Creative Paperclay Design Team


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