Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cindy's tip for May

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Creative Paperclay® blog.

It's my turn to share with you a tip or technique.... today I have chosen to share a quick tip....  this is something I came up with while trying to make sure I keep my paperclay in new condition after I have opened a new pack...

Being that I enjoy scrapbooking along with many other creative endeavours, I was searching around for the best way to store my opened Creative Paperclay® when I spied my Fuse tool.  For those unfamiliar with this tool, it was designed with the pocket page scrapper in mind, to seal off the small pockets on the multi pocket pages, a great little tool that I have found many fabulous uses for, and now I can add one more to that list - re-sealing my Creative Paperclay® packets.

So we begin with an open packet of paperclay.

next you need to push all the air out of the packet

Then you start to roll the Fuse tool (as close as possible to the clay) across the package.

Now I did learn that the Creative Paperclay® packaging requires more pressure and several runs across on both sides, but the Fuse tool did seal the package just like new, so my paperclay will stay as fresh as the day I first opened the pack.

I do hope this little tip is helpful and you can enjoy many good times with that new pack feeling right down to the last speck of your Creative Paperclay®.

You can get your Creative Paperclay® here.
and you can find the Fuse tool here.

Until next time, 
Happy Creating  


Patti Krauss said...

Great idea!

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