Friday, July 28, 2017

Making Images on Creative Paperclay®

I love image transfers and have even written a book, Image Transfer Workshop, for Northlight so thought I would do a piece doing a transfer directly on the Creative Paperclay®. It turned out better than I expected.

Creative Paperclay®
Toner image
Chartpak Admarker Colorless Blender
Micaceous Iron Oxide paint

I started by gluing a doily on my panel and applying gesso when the glue had dried. Next, I applied a shape of paper clay to the surface that fit my toner image. I rolled out the clay and cut the shape on some waxy paper then laid it on the surface and removing the wax paper.

Next, I laid the toner image facing down on the dry paper clay and applied the blender pen to the back in small areas. I burnished the image then reapplied a second time before moving on to a larger area.

You can do a perfect transfer with a little patience. I prefer a slightly grunge look that I paint back into.

I added a wash of the Micaceous Iron Oxide paint and let dry.

Next it was the small details.

Have fun with this cool product and Dream in Color.


Patti Krauss said...

Love this - what a great technique!

Unknown said...

great technique

Suzette Hussey said...

Great Project!

Kelly Parker said...

What a cool idea! I'm just thinking of all the possibilities!!!