Sunday, September 17, 2017

Making Spooky Spell Bottles with Creative Paperclay®

HELLO! Halloween is just around the corner so I thought what better to make than a Halloween craft? I love creepy crafts, don't you?


These spell bottles are so easy to make and you can decorate them any way you choose. Here is the list of supplies:

Empty bottles and jars

Acrylic paints
Golden Acrylic:

Sculpting tools
Paint brushes

Part 1

  1. First you cover the bottle with paper clay, taking care to push down firmly so no air is trapped. Let that dry. 
  2. When it is dry you add all the decorations such as the words and the eyeball, using some PVA glue of course.
  3. Put that aside to dry.

You can watch the video below to see how I did this.

Part 2

Now its time to paint!
  1. Apply a coat of gesso. This seals the clay so it doesn't absorb all the paint.
  2. Paint the bottles in whatever color you choose.
  3. Apply a wash of black paint and a wash of red paint.
  4. Wipe off.
  5. Keep going until you are satisfied. 
  6. Paint the eye on the Frog Eyes Bottle. I also added some brown stain and green paint to this one.
  7. When dry, varnish.
  8. Add any other embellishments you choose.

You can see how I painted my bottles in the video below.

I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for stopping by!