Thursday, January 18, 2018

Botanical Pendant

Hello, Creative  Friends and Fans!! Jenn here today to share with you how easy it is to create jewelry using Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material! I have created this Botanical Pendant doing just that!

Supplies Needed:
A mold or a stamp (I used a stamp)
File block (meant for fingernails)
Satin cord
Silver jewelry findings
Necklace connector

First, roll out some Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material onto a craft mat or other non-stick surface. Once it is the thickness you desire for your pendant, stamp the shape into it. Cut off excess and use a paintbrush handle or stick to put a hole in the top. Set this aside to dry for 1-2 days.

Once your pendant is dry, use a filing block to smooth any rough edges and remove all the dust.
Next, prepare your satin rope using findings. Attach clasp ends using a strong adhesive to ensure that it holds.

Next, Paint your pendant in your desired color and allow it to dry. Finally, loop rope through a silver ring, attach to your pendant using a large jump ring. Add charms to the jump ring and there you have it! A beautiful and simple piece of jewelry you can give as a gift or wear yourself!

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Thanks so much for viewing my post today! I hope that you have found it inspiring!
Until next time, Happy creating!!

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