Thursday, January 4, 2018

Embossed Hearts

Hello Creative Paperclay® Fans!! Jenn here today to share with you another unique way to use your paperclay! Making these embossed hearts is easier than you may think.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and that you are ready to get even more creative this year.

Have you ever used embossing folders? Have you tried to use them with Creative Paperclay®? Well, that is exactly how these adorable little hearts were created.

First, gather the supplies needed:
Creative Paperclay® modeling material
Selection of embossing folders
Rolling pin
Wax paper
Medium grit file
Tool to create small hole
Heart shaped cookie cutters

Once you have all your supplies ready, lay a sheet of wax paper down. Roll some paperclay into a ball and roll it out to the desired thickness using your rolling pin.

Next, place your rolled out clay into an embossing folder and close it. Use your rolling pin to make a nice impression of the pattern onto the clay.

Gently remove the embossed clay and place it back down on your wax paper. Using your cookie cutters, cut out as many hearts as desired. Make sure you remove the clay from the cookie cutters gently so you do not affect the pattern with fingers, nails, etc.  If you will be using your hearts to create jewelry, place a small hole in the top with a paper piercer. If your going to use them as embellishments you will not need the hole. I will be using my hearts for more than one project so some only some were pierced. Leave your cut out hearts on the wax paper to dry for the night. This may take longer depending on thickness of the hearts.

Once your hearts have dried they are ready to paint, stain, etc. and use to create jewelry or as embellishments on other projects. Use your file to gently remove all of the rough edges. If you look at the hearts below, you can see the before and after filing effect.

 I have painted one using an oxidized silver texture set from Art Anthology to show how they look painted.

I just love these hearts and how easy they were to create! I hope you are inspired to get some Creative Paperclay® and embossing folders and try this technique! the possibilities are endless!

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today and viewing my post!
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Patti Krauss said...

Love it!

By Way of Salem said...

Ooooh I love that! I may give them a try. You could do a lot with those. Thanks for the post!

LaLa Ortiz said...

Very nice project and tutorial Jenn! I have a question for you.... Are you using a release on the embossing folders? Have you tried running them through the Cuttlebug or other embossing machine?