Monday, May 28, 2018

A Creative Paperclay Frida Kahlo type brooch

Hi everyone! It's Barbara here and I want to show you what I've created with Creative Paperclay!
I don't know what inspired me other than I think Frida Kahlo was an awesome artist and a courageous woman.

Here are the supplies needed for this project:

Creative Paperclay
Powder (either baby powder which I used or cornstarch)
Face mold
Clay tools (for making marks)
Acrylic Paints
Pin back
Spray sealer

This whole project was rather simple to make.

I started out with my molds and my Creative Paperclay I ended up choosing the face mold that is just peeking out from under the Creative Paperclay package.I filled the mold with Creative Paperclay and popped it out of the mold right away. I let it set all night to dry. The next day I fashioned flowers and leaves out of the clay and attached them to the face with super glue. I used different tools to make creases and dots on the flowers and leaves. I did not use any molds for this part of the project. 

I liked the way that the flowers and leaves turned out and how cute they looked framing her face.

I used a package of clay that I already had open and this is a different look with flowers and leaves that I created and some extra faces that I didn't use for this project. You can do so much and have so much fun with Creative Paperclay !

Here we are with the flowers and leaves painted. Because this piece became a brooch, it was rather small and difficult to paint. 

Here we are with my Frida all painted up! I'm in love with the way this project turned out. After the painting was complete I spray sealed the brooch and glued a pin back on it. I would definitely wear this myself, would you?

You really need to purchase some Creative Paperclay for yourself and try some of your own projects or maybe try this one! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this project. I read everyone of them.



Suzette Hussey said...

That's beautiful Barbara!

Kat Anderson Studios said...

Love this Barbara!

Melandolly said...

Very cute, love the flower crown!