Thursday, May 17, 2018

Octopus Vase with Delight

Hello everyone! It's Jenn here today sharing this super fun octopus on a Vase project I created using Delight™ from Creative Paperclay®!
This is a project I have wanted to do for a while and finally I decided to give it a go! I really liked how it turned out! Delight™ air dry modeling compound is a great medium for a project like this. It is super soft and dries fairly quickly. It is easily molded into any shape as well!
The products used to create my vase:
Glass vase found at a thrift store
Heavy White Gesso
Strong glue
Acrylic paints

I started by first molding my octopus and tentacles. Then I rolled many many small balls of Delight™ and gently indented each one with a ball ended tool. I set all of these aside to dry and coated my vase in heavy white gesso.

Next I used my hot glue gun to adhere my dry octopus to the vase. I placed him on the side and adhered each tentacle individually to make him appear as if hes wrapped around the vase. Next I adhered each suction cup using a strong glue.

Once I was sure everything was adhered and dry I painted the vase in shades of blue and my octopus in purple.
Finally I added some wash of ink blue over the octopus and vase and wiped some of it away from the octopus.

Here is a couple more views

Thanks so much for viewing my post today! I hope that you are inspired to give this amazing clay a try and create something amazing!
Creative Paperclay® and Delight™ are conveniently available for you to purchase online and at the below listed retailers.

Until Next time Stay Creative!

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linda hess said...

Adorable project! And so perfect for the upcoming season. I especially like the blue wash over the purple paint...perfect touch